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Listed below is just a sample of the Forklift Parts we have available..

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LANDI Converter Repair Kit / complete with all parts and diaphragms to rebuild Lindi LSE 98

LANDI LPG Gas converter / Complete unit.
brand new and ready to fit.

IMPCO LPG gas lock-off valve / vacuum operated.
Very popular on many makes and brands on Forklifts and Sweepers.
Complete and brand new.

CENTURY G85 LGP Gas converter repair kit.
Complete kit with all diaphragms and seals.

Century G85 LPG gas converter / complete new unit.
Fitted with a brand new 12 volt solenoid valve.
P/N 117

Gasoline / Petrol shut-off valve.
Used on Dual-Fuel applications.
12 Volt.
P/N 116

Forklift LPG Safety Switch
12 Volt
P/N 110

Petrol lock-Off Valve
12 Volt
Diode protected
P/N 112

Petrol / Gasoline / Diesel  Lock-Off Valve
12 Volt.
P/N 109

Forklift and machinery lap safety belt complete.
P/N 100

Back-up alarm / Safe t alarm / 12-48 VDC.
P/N 101

900 mm Long LPG gas hose with fittings for filler coupling.
P/N 105

HT leads for H20 Forklift or Datsun / Nissan engine.
P/N 102

IMPCO COBRA Converter repair kit.
P/N 108