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Comes with one key.
Batteries hold charge and charge up to 100%.
Comes with one battery charger.
Has 4x builtin cup holders.
Equipped to carry 2 golf bags , fitted with straps.
Seat in good condition , no tears.
All control pedals good and show little signs of wear.
Tires all round are about 50% .
Fitted with two sand cup holders , see photo.
Set of wheel caps fitted all round.
This car drives effortlessly , very smooth on take off and brakes very well.
Battery indicator work well and so does the charger.
Windscreen has no cracks or chips in it and is the genuine Club Car item.
Screen is the split type.
Body presents very well with no tears or broken panels anywhere.
Some scrathes in the usuall place but none the realy stand out.
The sun / rain canopy is clean and has no cracks in it.

We have tried to describe the item as accurately as possible, but at the same time we respect your own opinion very much. So please inspect the equipment for yourself so that you can be 100% happy with what you want to buy.

Thank you for your interest and time

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