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MAKE                           SYKES
MODEL                         SAS
DATE MADE                1-2004
SERIAL NO                  035AS11655
VIN                                6T9T20AAM3028X030                                     
REGO PREVIOUS        Q28787
REGO EXPIRED          27 JUNE 2012
TARE                            400kg
TYRE SIZE                             165/75/13 (NEW)


·        This speed checking trailer was owner by the Somerton Shire, and was sold to make way for a newer and bigger model. 
·        The radar and display both work reliably.
·        As can be seen in the photos the speed display is in red.
·        The type of display is LED which makes it very reliable.
·        The unit is run by two big deep cycle batteries that take a good charge.
·        There is an internal battery charger fitted to the LHS that reads out voltage and amperage while charging.
·        The front display window is made from Perspex and is in good condition.
·        Both tires are brand new with plenty of tread.
·        Included are two tire locks prevent theft. They fit onto the wheel and are locked with a padlock.
·        There are five reflective signs that slide into the speed display board. They display the speeds 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 
·        The two rear leveling stands work well
·        The front jockey wheel flips back in transport mode and works well.
·        Fitted with a 7 pin trailer plug
·        Fitted with a 50mm tow ball / standard trailer type.
·        Operational book included / slightly damaged but all instructions are there.

·        As seen in the photo the sign folds down for transportation.
·        There is no registration or plates on this trailer.

We are selling this unit because we no longer need it.

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